“Another day over." Students sighed with regret during the Laboratory Diagnosis or Human Parasitic Infections course. Lisette van Lieshout and her colleagues offer a very varied program so that students are never bored. It is well-balanced: the cases, the e-learning, the practicals, the modern teaching techniques used. The pairs in which the participants work on their assignments are considered in advance: preferably a Dutch student works with a foreign student. They differ in background and experience which means the participants complement each other so they can learn a lot when working on a case together. The first week, when all classes are in English, is a sought-after component of the international market. The second week focuses entirely on the Dutch market.

It is now the 25th time that the course has been offered by the Parasitology Division. The teachers are excited about the participants’ results, and the feedback given during the practical assignments is always positive. The cases are compiled from real experience and their collection of clinical material is excellent, consisting of pitfalls from practice that you cannot easily avoid. The cases are challenging and there are many practical lessons. Approximately half of the theory is given by the course coordinators themselves and Lisette van Lieshout works closely with the guest lecturers who take care of the other classes. These are real experts in their field so participants get a full picture of what is happening in parasitology without too much overlap in other courses.

The participants start with simple cases which gradually become more complex. All the material used in the course is effective in transferring the knowledge required. Lisette van Lieshout and the other teachers always answer the questions based on experience of their own practice and both the practical sessions and the lectures are very interactive. The participants also get a tour of the LUMC Parasitology Research Department and the students can make use of e-learning tools at home. Lisette van Lieshout states: “Good education takes a lot of time, but it is very satisfying to invest in.”