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Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education is continually working on the development of a varied course program. You can find details of all our courses in the course programme. 

Continuing education Boerhaave CME

Continuing education

What sets the continued education courses at Boerhaave CME apart is that the trainers, radiotherapy specialists in training and general practitioners who want to have a specific skill accredited have the opportunity to do that. 

Academic courses Boerhaave CME


Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education provides training programmes for international participants. There is an extensive online and on-campus selection of courses. The summer course entitled ‘Health Population’ gives you taster (in Dutch) of this selection. A complete accredited online Masters programme is currently being developed. 


Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education runs special courses, both online and on-campus. For example, a general practitioner can do a summer school. You can also take a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and attend free TECH talks  in the Bioscience park.

Participants about Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education

‘Spirited and capable lecturers who can talk inspirationally about their profession.’

‘The offered knowledge is applicable in practice.’

‘Accessible lecturers.’

About Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education

Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education offers courses to general physicians, geriatrics, physician assistants, medical specialists, residents, PhD’s and radiation experts. In the courses, teachers translate the most recent scientific insights to your medical profession. ‘Learned today, practiced tomorrow’. Committees of experts assure the quality of all our courses. Participants appreciate our teachers and lecturers with a mark of four out of five points.

Boerhaave CME services

Would you like to learn more about the services of Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education? You can request a free intake with one of our account managers. Would you like to go beyond organizing a course, by for example serving a new international market? Follow a free strategy session. While co-creating, you will explore new markets with Boerhaave Nascholing. For the organisation of not only courses but also symposia and congresses you can contact us.