How can I register for a course? You can register through the website: https://www.boerhaavecontinuingmedicaleducation.com/. Find the right course and click on the title. On the course page you can see whether the course is (still) open for registration. You can enrol via de orange registration button. The registration for the course is then in your shopping cart. You choose the option(s) that apply to you. If a discount is applicable you can add this here. And then you can continue the process. We advise you to read our cancellation policy.

Waiting list

Can I be added to the waiting list for a course that is fully booked? For some courses or programs we work with a waiting list. You can register for the waiting list via the button “Register on queue’. If a place becomes available, we will send a message to the first person on the waiting list. If no space opens up, we will let you know as soon as possible. In this case we will contact you if the course or training is organized again.


How can I cancel my enrolment? You can only cancel in writing (or by email). Send your cancellation to boerhaavenascholing@lumc.nl. You will find the cancellation conditions in our general terms and conditions. If special conditions apply to a course, these conditions are described in the course content or under the tab ‘Price’.