Invoices and payments

Can I receive an invoice? You can download your invoice (PDF) after you have logged in on your ‘My Boerhaave account’. If you have any questions, you can send an email to

Where can I find the payment details to transfer the money? You can find the payment details on your invoice. This invoice can be found in your ‘My Boerhaave account’.

I have an outstanding invoice, but I have already paid the invoice. If you find out that you have an outstanding invoice, please send a copy of the payment you made to This information helps us whilst checking the status of your payment and to ensure your payment is processed correctly.


I get a discount. Where can I indicate this? When you start with your registration and continue the registration process, you can add a discount in the second step of the registration (if applicable). If the discount option is not listed, send a message to Please include the course name and the relevant discount.

I have registered for an OOR-course and I am an employee at a Leids OOR-hospital. How do I get the discount for this? In most cases, if you register for an OOR course you can receive a discount as an employee of a Leids OOR-hospital. If this is the case, you can receive the discount as stated on the price tab of the course. You can select the discount during the second step of the registration. If, by mistake, you have paid the standard rate, please send an email to We will then refund the overpaid amount to you.