LUMC Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education (CME) serves medical and care professionals who pursue life-ling learning. As part of Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), we offer high-quality, accredited training courses. As a general practitioner or medical specialist, you can immediately put the course material into practice.

Lifelong learning with Boerhaave CME

One of the LUMC’s core the continuing education of care professionals such as general practitioners, physician assistants, nursing specialists, basic medical practitioners, medical specialists in training, and PhD students Boerhaave Nascholing facilitates this task. Over the years to come, LUMC wishes to strengthen its solid market position with Boerhaave CME, both nationally and internationally. This will be achieved by continuously offering innovative, high-quality and accredited training courses, both on campus and online.

The medical and care sector is developing at a rapid pace. Innovations, interventions and other developments mean that you, as a professional, frequently encounter new working methods. Therefore, it is important for you to stay up to date on the latest developments in your specialist area. The courses offered by Boerhaave CME are arranged so that you can stay on top of with any new developments

Our participants value the academic quality of our courses. They also appreciate the personal, customer-focused approach of our staff. What they participants learn today, can be applied to practice the next day. 

Sustainable health

LUMC has made sustainable health a priority. Doctors are well-trained in order to keep people vital and healthy. In this context, the LUMC concentrates on the following developments:

  • Personalised medicine
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Prevention & public health
  • Opportunities in technology and data analysis


Enhance theoretical knowledge and learning for daily practice

Our courses have a critical and inquisitive attitude towards the content. Eminent speakers ensure that the academic aspects of the courses can be translated directly into practice. We offer a broad range of subjects, but maintain our focus. At Boerhaave CME, you will always be provided with a complete course that provides theoretical depth as well as practically oriented teaching. The knowledge that you acquire is essential for every general practitioner or medical specialist. Participants are usually very satisfied and give our courses positive evaluations.

The organisational processes of Boerhaave CME have been certified by Certiked according to standard ISO 9001:2015.