• Start date:
  • 7 December 2017
  • Duration:
  • 1 day
  • Intended Audience:
  • General practitioner, Paramedic/ Medical assistant, Medical specialist, Geriatric


  • NVVC:
  • 7
  • NIV:
  • 6
  • NVK:
  • 6
  • ABC 1:
  • 7

Reversing Type 2 diabetes

Our lifestyles play a significant role in the occurrence of many chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes. One out of every twelve adults in the Netherlands has diabetes. In our healthcare system, people with Type 2 diabetes are primarily treated with medication. But medication only treats the symptoms of an underlying problem.

Lifestyle as medicine

There is increasing evidence that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed and sometimes even cured if patients change their lifestyle. But how can lifestyle changes be expected to play such a vital role in curing a disease in a society that practically forces people to make the wrong choices? Does this require adaptions in the environment patients live in and/or changes in our healthcare system? A team of local and international experts will discuss these and many other questions during the first annual symposium on ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’.

Innovation centre launched

The symposium also heralds the launch of a joint knowledge and innovation centre on the theme of metabolic health and lifestyle which will be run by TNO and LUMC. This centre will focus on setting up education programmes as well as on developing and implementing lifestyle as medicine for Type 2 diabetes in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.

Target groups

Internists, paediatricians, specialists in geriatric medicine, social therapists, epidemiologists, dieticians, GPs and people who are in training for these disciplines, as well as representatives of healthcare insurance companies, system biologists, health- and behaviour scientists, pharmaceutical companies, municipalities and national authorities.

08:00 Registration
08:30 Welcome and introduction 
  Pancras Hogendoorn, Dean Faculty of Medicine, LUMC, Leiden
08:50 From care to cure
  Hanno Pijl, LUMC, Leiden
09:35 Systems approaches needed 
  Ben van Ommen, TNO
10:15 Plenary discussion on the biology of reversibility and cure - theory and practice
10:30 Coffee/tea break
11:00 Changing behavior: a major challenge 
  Andrea Evers, Leiden University
11.30 Personal health data ownership as healthcare disruptor
  Wessel Kraaij, TNO and Leiden University
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 From initiation to a way of life: Changing behavior to reverse obesity 
  John Peters, University of Colorado, Denver USA
13:40 The Southside Diabetes Program: all systems go! 
  Monica Peek, University of Chicago, Chicago USA
14:20 Reversing type 2 diabetes - the Virta way
  Steve Phinney, Virta Health, San Francisco USA
15:00 The National Diabetes Challenge - communirt in action
  Jeroen Flim, Bas vd Goor Foundation, NL
15:20 Coffee/tea break
15:50 Future food industry roles in lifestyle as Medicine 
  Josh Anthony, Campbell Soup Company, Cambden USA
16:15 A science – society – business partnership? 
  Michel van Schaik, Rabobank
16:40 The social entrepreneur example of "Voeding leeft"
  Martijn van Beek, Stichting Voeding Leeft, Amsterdam
17:05 General discussion 
  Hanno Pijl, LUMC, Leiden
17:20 Closure and outlook 
  Angelique Berg, Director General, Ministry of Health
M. van Beek
J. Bell
A. Berg
prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers
Universiteit Leiden
Prof. dr. P.C.W. Hogendoorn
Dean of the Medical Faculty of Leiden
W. Kraaij
M. Peek
J. Peters
S. Phinney
M. van Schaik
Willem Einthovenstraat 1, 2342 BH Oegstgeest

Participation: € 195

Discount for doctors in training: - € 50

Discount for dieticians and lifestyle coaches: - € 50

Discount for students: - € 130