• Start date:
  • 7 May 2018
  • Duration:
  • 2 days
  • Intended Audience:
  • Medical specialist

We would like to invite you to the 2nd “Reconstructive pelvic surgery: a cadaver course” from 7-8 May 2018. The meeting will be hosted in Leiden, the Netherlands.
It is organised by the Department of Orthopaedics of the Leiden University Medical Centre in close cooperation with other Universities of the International Faculty. 
The academic programme promises to include a review and update of orthopaedics in pelvic surgery including lecture presentations, virtual reality imaging, workshops and a hands-on cadaver course. Internationally acclaimed invited speakers will ensure that trainees and experts will be up to date with the latest modern orthopaedic technology and evidence-based medicine. The programme will focus on accurate resection and reconstruction performing computer assisted surgery.  It is an interactive and comprehensive course, addressed to orthopaedic surgeons who wish to become an expert in reconstructive pelvic surgery or involved orthopaedic surgeons who want to train to refresh or widen their knowledge and experience.
Programme at a glance

  • Hands-on course
    • Approaches
    • Reconstruction
      • Endoprosthesis
  • Computer assisted surgery
    • Planning
    • Navigation
  • Treatment strategy in reconstruction
  • To prevent, recognise and treat complications

Course venue
Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden Lecture hall (collegezaal) 4

Situated at what has traditionally been an important junction where waterways and roads cross stands a city that will enchant you: Leiden. The city is famous for its almshouses, university, museums and glorious history. The spirit of the Golden Age lives on here, a place where Rembrandt was born and inspired so many other influential painters. The canals, the historical buildings, the alleyways, the treasuries of knowledge, culture and science: Leiden is definitely worth seeing.
Organising committee
Prof. Sander Dijkstra, MD, PhD, orthopedic surgeon, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands
Prof. Lee Jeys, PhD, orthopedic surgeon, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK


Monday 7 May 2018

08:00 Registration and coffee 
08:30 Welcome
  P.D.S. Dijkstra
  Chairman P.D.S. Dijkstra


08:30 Pelvic surgery is a challenge: how to reach the summit? 
  L. Jeys
09:00 The anatomy of the pelvic and sacrum
  M. de Ruiter
09:30 Approaches
  L. Jeys
10:00 Why navigated resections? 
  P.D.S. Dijkstra
10:30 Coffee break


10:50 Benign lesions
  P. Jutte
11:10 Bone metastasis 
  M.A.J.  van der Sande
11:30 Bone sarcomas
  L. Jeys
11:40 Revision surgery
  M. Dominkus


12:00 Reconstruction part 1
  L. Jeys
12:40 Reconstruction part 2
  P.D.S. Dijkstra
13:10 Lunch at ‘De Stal’

HANDS-ON Round I (90 min)

14:00 Presentation in wet lab about approaches (movie)
15:00 Round one (90 min)
  Group I:  LUMiC prosthese P2: resection (supine position + xray) 
  Group II: LUMiC prosthesecup revision / metastase (lateral approach + xray) 
16:30 Tea break

HANDS-ON Round II (90 min)

17:00 Group II: LUMiC prosthese P2: resection (supine position + xray)
  Group I: LUMiC prosthesecup revision / metastase (lateral approach + xray)
18:30 Closing
19:00 Boat tour
20:00 Drink and Dinner at ‘De Poort’

Tuesday 8 May 2018

  Chairman L. Jeys


08:30 Routinely flaps
  G.K. van Drunen
08:45 What is the best management in reducing blood loss?
  P.C. Jutte
09:00 What is the best management to prevent and treat infection?
  F.J. Hornicek
09:30 How to use CAS
  P.D.S. Dijkstra
10:00 Coffee break

CAS in 2 rotations (50 min each)

10:30 Computer assisted planning (PC room) (12 part )

CAS Pelvic approaches (3d printed sawbones / 12 part)

12:30 Working lunch (lunch boxes)
  Interactive case from each faculty member and participants
  F.J. Hornicek
14:00 Adjourn
M. Dominkus
drs. G.K. van Drunen
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)
F.J. Hornicek
Prof. dr. P.C. Jutte
Orhopedisch chirurg, UMC Groningen
Prof. dr. M.C. de Ruiter
(Wetenschappelijk) onderzoeker, LUMC
Prof. Dr. M.A.J. van de Sande
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

Price € 995,00

Hotel reservation Hotel Ibis Leiden Centre (incl. breakfast and tax)

  • Hotel reservation for two nights, single use 6-8 May 2018 € 171,00
  • Hotel reservation for two nights, double use 6-8 May 2018 € 192,00

    The maximum number of participants is 24.