• Start date:
  • 21 September 2018
  • Duration:
  • 1 day
  • Intended Audience:
  • Resident physician, Medical specialist


  • NVVR:
  • 6
  • NVVP:
  • 6
  • NVK:
  • 6
  • NVVC:
  • 6
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Common arterial trunk (CAT) is a relatively rare congenital heart malformation with an incidence of approximately 0.07 per 1000 live births (approximately 0.7% of congenital heart diseases). This low incidence as compared to other congenital malformations may underlie the fact that only few courses have been attributed specifically to CAT. Nevertheless, in dealing with patients with CAT a myriad of anatomical considerations are involved, including variations in truncal valve anatomy, coronary arteries, pulmonary arteries, and associated anomalies, that all have their impact on surgical interventions and (late) clinical outcome. This dedicated course aims to provide insight in the three dimensional morphology of CAT in the full spectrum from prenatal development to long term follow up. The extensive Leiden Collection of post-mortem specimens with congenital heart disease provides the possibility to study this cardiac malformation in  hands-on sessions.

A panel of cardiac surgeons, paediatric cardiologists, GUCH cardiologists, morphologists, embryologists and a geneticist will introduce the different aspects of CAT in multiple sessions (slide presentations as well as live-video presentations), after which participants will have the opportunity to study the malformation in post-mortem heart-lung-specimen (hands-on).

The following aspects will be covered in the course: embryology, morphology, pre-and postnatal diagnosis, genetics, surgical treatment as well as late follow up of truncus arteriosus communis in multiple variations (valve morphology, coronary variations, associated anomalies).

The course will be held in lecture hall 4 of the Leiden University Medical Center, which is dedicated for 3 dimensional imaging modalities, that will be applied in part of the course.

The course will be held on the occasion of the retirement of dr. Margot M. Barteligs, cardiac pathomorphologist.


  • Dr. Margot M Bartelings, Dept. of Anatomy & Embryology, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Prof. dr. Nico A Blom, Depts. of Paediatric Cardiology, UMC/AMC, Leiden/Amsterdam, NL
  • Prof. dr. Ad JJC Bogers, Dept. of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL
  • Dr. Regina Bökenkamp, Dept. of Pediatric Cardiology, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Dr. Ana Carriҫo, Dept. of Pediatric Cardiology, Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova Gaia Espinho/EPE, Portugal
  • Prof. dr. Marco C DeRuiter, Dept. of Anatomy and Embryology, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Dr. Nynke Elzenga, Dept. of Pediatric Cardiology, UMCG, Groningen, NL
  • Prof. dr. Adriana C Gittenberger-de Groot, Dept. of Cardiology, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Dr. Monique C Haak, Dept. of Obstetrics, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Prof. dr. Mark G Hazekamp, Dept. Of Cardiothoracic Surgery, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Dr. Monique RM Jongbloed, Depts. of Anatomy and Embryology, Cardiology, LUMC, Leiden, NL
  • Dr. Inga Voges, Dept. of Paediatric Cardiology, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial College London, UK
  • Dr. Marja W Wessels, Dept. of Clinical Genetics, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL
  • Dr. Maarten Witsenburg, Dept. of Cardiology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL


  • Ing. Conny M van Munsteren, Dept. of Anatomy &Embryology, LUMC, Leiden NL
  • Ing. Bert J Wisse, Dept. of Anatomy &Embryology, LUMC, Leiden NL

Target group
Specialists and trainees in the field of cardiac surgery, pediatric cardiology, (congenital) cardiology and other fields dealing with cardiac defects (cardio-thoracic anesthesia, cardiac pathology , prenatal medicine/gynecology, radiology, pathologists)

08.30 Reception and registration
09.00 Opening
  Marco de Ruiter 
  SESSION 1: Introduction Common Arterial Trunk
  Adriana Gittenberger-deGroot, Nico Blom (chairs)
09:10 Morphology
  Regina Bokenkamp, Margot Bartelings (live-video)
09:40 Associated anomalies
  Regina Bokenkamp, Monique Jongbloed (live-video)
10.10 Morphogenesis
  Marco de Ruiter
10.30 Coffee break
  All tutors
  SESSION 2: Genetics and prenatal diagnosis
  Ana Carriço, Monique Jongbloed (chairs)
11.40 Genetics
  Marja Wessels
12.05 Fetal diagnosis
  Monique Haak
12.30 Lunch break
  SESSION 3: Clinic, diagnosis and treatment
  Inga Voges, Adriana Gittenberger-de Groot (chairs)
13.30 Clinical aspects
  Nico Blom
13.50 Surgery
  Mark Hazekamp
14.20 Coronary arteries
  Ad Bogers
14.40 Truncal valve morphology, aortic arch anomalies and surgical consequences
  Mark Hazekamp
15.00 Tea break
  All tutors
  SESSION 4: The adult patient
  Mark Hazekamp, Marco de Ruiter (chairs)
16.10 General overview of late follow up 
  Inga Voges
16.35 Case presentations
  Nynke Elzenga, Maarten Witsenburg
16.55  Closing remarks and tribute to Margot Bartelings
  Margot Bartelings, Monique Jongbloed
17.30 Reception and drinks


Dr. M.M. Bartelings
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)
Prof. dr. N.A. Blom
Kindercardioloog, LUMC
Dr. R. Bökenkamp-Gramann
Kinderarts, LUMC-WAKZ
dr. M.C. Haak
Gynaecologie en Obstetrie Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)
Prof. dr. M.G. Hazekamp
Cardiothoracaal chirurg, LUMC
Dr. M.R.M. Jongbloed
Hartziekten, LUMC
Prof. dr. M.C. de Ruiter
(Wetenschappelijk) onderzoeker, LUMC
I. Voges
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

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