• Start date:
  • 11 June 2018
  • Duration:
  • 5 days
  • Intended Audience:
  • General practitioner, Medical specialist, Trainer, Student


  • ABAN:
  • 24

For the first time we offer a full week “Advanced Panel Management”, which is meant to present a full oversight as well as an in –depth exploration of what is the background and what is needed to develop an effective risk based population approach in healthcare. This week aspects of panel management will be studied and carried out following a change of subject every day, illustrated and demonstrated by various experts in the field. The process of empanelment based on risk assessment following classic epidemiological analysis or based on datamining results, what evidence is available for effective implementation with what kind of risk groups, what kind of preconditions are needed, how can panelmanagement be put into practice and who should be in the lead. This course is designed to help you to incorporate everything that has been learned in the proceeding courses.


Target group

The partners of the LUMC-Campus The Hague offer the course PHM for the following health care professionals, staff members, PhD fellows in Health and Healthcare related science, MD specialist trainees in primary, elderly and secondary care and Public Health and

master students that:

  • Want to become change agents to support the development of a more integrated health care system.
  • Have an open attitude towards a new paradigm for health care.
LUMC Campus
Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DV Den Haag
Health care professional € 1.250,00  
PhD (candidate) € 625,00  
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