• Start date:
  • 9 May 2019
  • Duration:
  • 2 days
  • Intended Audience:
  • Resident physician, Medical specialist


  • NIV:
  • 12
  • NVN:
  • 10
  • NVVC:
  • 11
  • NVKG:
  • 10

More information:www.lumc.nl/efas

We welcome you to Leiden for the EFAS 2019 international conference. 
We will be delighted to see our colleagues again and all those who are new in the field of ANS physiology, disorders and treatment. The EFAS conference is endorsed by the Dutch Society for Movement Disorders.

On Thursday May 9th, there will be a joint session with the annual DSMD meeting

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  Thursday May 9, 2019
  EFAS joint meeting with the Dutch Society of Movement Disorders (DSMD) & the Dutch Autonomic Society (DAS)
Walter Struhal (EFAS), Jeroen van Vugt (DSMD) & Gert van Dijk (DAS)
  Morning programme: Orthostatic Hypotension
Chair: Roland Thijs & Walter Struhal
Orthostatic hypotension: definitions & symptoms
Gert van Dijk, Leiden, The Netherlands
Diagnostic work up orthostatic hypotension/supine hypertension
Alessandra Fanciulli, Innsbruck, Austria
MSA and OH in parkinsonism: how to differentiate them
Gregor Wenning, Innsbruck, Austria
11:30 Coffee break
  Chair: Max Hilz & Anne Pavy-le Traon
Non-pharmacological treatment of neurogenic OH
Roland Thijs, Leiden, The Netherlands
Drug treatment of neurogenic OH
David Goldstein, Bethesda, USA
12:45 Lunch & Poster session
  Afternoon programme: Clinical and interactive sessions concerning non-cardiovascular signs and symptoms in autonomic failure
Chair: Agnita Boon & Peter Praamstra
How to approach a patient with movement disorders and bladder and sexual complaints
David Vodusek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
How to approach a patient with movement disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms
Ad Masclee, Maastricht, The Netherlands
How to approach a patient with movement disorders and sweating disorders
Walter Struhal, Tulln, Austria
14:45 Coffee break
  Chair: Jeroen van Vugt & David Vodusek
How to approach a patient with movement disorders and sleep disorders
Giovanna Calandra Buonaura, Bologna, Italy
Video session
Bas Bloem, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Annual award DSMD
Jeroen van Vugt (DMSD President)
Flash presentations
Young investigators
17:15 EFAS council meeting (until 17:45)

Evening programme
Reception at the Faculty Club, Rapenburg 70, City Center of Leiden
Dinner (as per booking) at Prentenkabinet, Kloksteeg 25, City Center of Leiden
  Friday 10 May 2019
  EFAS joint meeting with the Dutch Autonomic Society (DAS)
  08:00-10:00 EFAS school (registration only)
  - Workshop A Basics cardiovascular physiology, Walter Struhal & Heinz Lahrmann   
  - Workshop B Ewing battery, Max Hilz & Alessandra Fanciulli
  - Workshop C Video cases, Gert van Dijk & Frederik de Lange 
  - Workshop D How to interpret tilt table testing results? Ineke van Rossum & Roland Thijs
  Morning Theme: Transient loss of consciousness (TLOC)
Gert van Dijk (DAS) & Walter Struhal (EFAS)
  Chair: Frederik de Lange, Rose Ann Kenny  
Transient loss of consciousness (TLOC), definition & differential diagnosis
Gert van Dijk, Leiden, The Netherlands
Reflex syncope with a focus on vasovagal syncope
David Benditt, Minneapolis, USA
Syncope in the emergency department
Suzanne Peeters, Almere, The Netherlands
11:15 Coffee break
  Chair: Martin Hemels
Use and abuse of the tilt table test
Roland Thijs, Leiden, The Netherlands
The role of a syncope unit
Rose Ann Kenny, Dublin, Ireland
12:30 Lunch & Poster session
  Afternoon Theme: Other forms of TLOC and treatment
Chair: Gert van Dijk, David Benditt
Vasovagal syncope and pacing
Frederik de Lange, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The borderlands of syncope
Rainer Surges, Aachen, Germany
Psychogenic pseudosyncope (PPS) and psychogenic non epileptic seizures (PNES)
Markus Reuber, Sheffield, UK
14:35 Coffee break
  Chair: Alessandra Fanciulli, Roland Thijs
Delayed orthostatic hypotension
Christopher Gibbons, Boston, USA
Flash presentations
Young investigators
EFAS /Dutch Autonomic Society Award winning abstract
Winner to be announced by Walter Struhal (EFAS President)
Closing remarks
Walter Struhal (EFAS President) and Gert van Dijk (DAS President)
16:05 Closing
  16:15-17:15 EFAS school (registration only)
  - Practical Sessions: Sudomotor function testing & Interpretation of ABPM
  - Peer learning: Bring your own case (5 minutes presentation, 5 minutes peer discussion)
  - Final exam: 10 multiple-choice questions + 1 autonomic function test to analyze on site
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

Building 1, Lecture hall 5, Route 558

Registration: Boerhaaveplein, 

Please note that Discount for Residents will be shown on the second page of the registration

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Late fee EFAS 2019, both days (after April 10, 2019)

€ 395,00

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