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  • 16 May 2019
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  • Medical specialist


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The treatment of brachial plexus injuries is the main focus of the Leiden Nerve Center. The Leiden University instituted a Chair for Nerve Surgery in 2011 and the Dutch authorities have officially declared the Leiden Nerve Center as a Center of Expertise for the treatment of Brachial Plexus lesions.

We feel very much committed to the Narakas Club which we consider to be the international platform for exchange of the latest knowledge on Brachial Plexus lesions. We have received tremendous input from the Narakas meetings over the decades, both scientifically as well as in personal relations with the participants. It is our wish to deliver our share and we will do our utmost to organize a successful meeting.

On behalf of the members of the Leiden Nerve Center it will be a great honour and pleasure to welcome you in May in our beautiful old university town Leiden.

Martijn Malessy
Willem Pondaag

Further information you will find at www.lumc.nl/org/narakas-2019/


More information at www.lumc.nl/org/narakas-2019/

Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden
Breestraat 60, 2311 CS Leiden

Breestraat 60, Leiden

071 5163881

Regular fee: €525,- (until 8-4-2019)

Late fee: €625,- (starting from 8-4-2019)

Dinner: €80,-