• Start date:
  • 25 September 2020
  • Duration:
  • 1 daypart
  • Intended Audience:
  • Resident physician, Medical specialist, PhD

Online conference - 25th of September 14.00 - 18.00 (ECT)

During this 4-hour Webinar we aim to bring reflection to the current developments in neurosurgery and neuroscience, the ethic side and COVID-19. This includes ethics of innovation in neurosurgery (with a focus on innovation during the pandemic), access to care and task shifting and sharing (TS/S) in neurosurgery during the pandemic. About task shifting and sharing (TS/S) in neurosurgery: not only TS/S during Covid-19 – neurosurgeons taking on responsibilities for which they did not train – but also in different scenarios – other health care providers taking on responsibilities of neurosurgeons during times of scarcity.

The Ethics & Neurosurgery course of this year has been postposed to 23 & 24 September 2021. Enrollment for 2021 will be opened in January 2021 and this course will be published on our website. 


Online conference: Ethics and Neurosurgery: innovation during the pandemic

14.00 Start of the course
14.00 Telemedicine
Dr. Ahmed Ammar, Neurosurgery, Dammam University, Saudi Arabia
15.00 Innovation in surgery
Dr. Mario Ammirati MD, Neurosurgery, Lima Ohio, USA
16.00 Pitfalls in allocating resources
Prof. Tiit Mathiesen, Dpt of Clinical Medicine, Rigshospitalet - Neurocentret, Denmark
17.00 Task shifting and sharing
Faith Robertson MD MSc, Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School, USA
18.00 End of the course

Every hour contains of a 20 minutes presentation by the speaker, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and then a 10 minute break before continuing with the next subject.




Participation is free