• Start date:
  • 26 March 2024
  • Duration:
  • 3 days
  • Intended Audience:
  • Researcher, PhD

This course will give a broad overview of topics in meta-analysis. Most standard topics in meta-analysis will be covered, such as risk of bias analysis, searching studies, fixed versus random effect models, heterogeneity, publication bias, differences between meta-analysis of randomized trials and meta-analysis observational studies. The course will briefly cover some more advanced topics (bivariate meta-analysis, combining different metrics, network analysis).

Course material
All study materials are supplied electronically only in the Boerhaave Learning Environment, and will be made available about 2 weeks prior to the course.

Basic knowledge of statistics (equivalent to the Boerhaave course "Basic methods and reasoning in Biostatistics").

A computer / laptop with proper internet access for all participants is mandatory. Students also need the STATA software or R software (R and R studio) pre-installed. No pre-knowledge of the software is required. A temporary Stata license will be provided. In practical sessions, students will perform a standard meta-analysis by themselves.

Teaching environment
Lectures and practical sessions

Certificate of attendance
In order to obtain a proof of participation, all lectures should be attended. If you have participated for the full 3 days, you will receive a certificate of attendance within two weeks. Those who are enrolled in the Epidemiology-B programme of the department of clinical epidemiology, should make an extra post-course assignment, which will be graded.

Course material (PowerPoint, exercises etc.) are all in English. Lectures are also in English.

Target group
Master and PhD students in the bio-medical sciences.

Organizing committee

  • Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
  • Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie


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08.45 Registration
09:00 Introduction to the course
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
09:10 Meta-analysis: Why & how?
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
10:15 Break
10:30 The statistical approach
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
11:30 Heterogeneity and risk of bias
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
12:45 Lunch break (lunch not covered)
13:15 Pooling effect estimates I
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
14:15 Practical 1: Pooling effects
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
15:15 End of day 1
08:45 Registration
09:00 Heterogeneity: Statistical
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
10:00 Publication bias
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
10:30 Break
10:45 Meta-analysis of observational studies
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
11:30 Practical 2: Risk of bias analysis
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
12:30 Lunch break (lunch not covered)
13:15 Publication bias: Statistical
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
14:45 Break
15:00 Practical 3: Publication bias and meta regression
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
16:00 End of day 2
08:45 Registration
09:00 Pooling different effect measures
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
09:45 Break
10:00 Pooling effect estimates : binary outcomes
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
11:15 Practical 4: Publication bias and meta regression
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
12:00 Lunch break (lunch not covered)
13:00 Tips and tricks for data-extraction
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
14:00 Network meta analysis + practical
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
15:00 Final remarks
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
15:30 End of course
Prof. dr. Cessie, S. Le (EPI)
LUMC, Hoogleraar Epidemiologie
Prof. dr. O.M. Dekkers
Hoogleraar Endocrinologie, LUMC
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

Gebouw: Gebouw 1
Route: 764
Zaal: Collegezaal-3

Route description to the LUMC and parking

Regular course fee € 550,-
Reduced fee for PhD students LUMC  € 175,-
Reduced fee for employees LUMC € 175,-
BA/MA students of the Leiden University            Free of charge *
BA/MA students of other universities (non Leiden University)    € 79,- *

* Limited places available. In order to validate your student registration, you must register with your student e-mail address and submit your student number on the registration form. In addition, a scan of your student pass will have to be submitted to boerhaavenacholing@lumc.nl. Please note that a € 50,- cancellation fee will be charged to students who do not attend the course (no show), or cancel their registration. Incomplete registration will not be considered.

Please note that upon registration, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, including the stated cancellation policy. Administration fees may be charged upon cancellation.