LUMC has decided to suspend all educational activities until January 19, 2021. Boerhaave Nascholing  has decided to cancel all education until January 19, 2021. Because many educators are also practicing physicians, it is important for the continuity of care that they remain clinically deployable. It is important to keep the chance that they become infected by covid-19 as small as possible. LUMC considers it extremely important to protect its patients and staff against the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

As mentioned, all in-service training of Boerhaave Nascholing is cancelled at least until January 19 2021 Participants, clients, partners and course committees have been informed immediately by the Boerhaave organisation. Did you not receive a message? Or do you have a question? In this case Boerhaave Nascholing is best accessible via

Are you looking for the e-mail address of an employee of Boerhaave CME? Then please take a look at