Execution of services
Boerhaave CME is part of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and organizes Post-academic Education in Medicine, hereafter to be referred to as Boerhaave CME. The LUMC is committed to carrying out courses and congresses of Boerhaave CME to its best ability. The LUMC has a long tradition of delivering CME in areas relevant to the LUMC through Boerhaave CME. All services comply with the vision on education and learning and the quality demands set by Boerhaave CME.
The LUMC is not required to meet any obligations with regard to Boerhaave CME if it is completely or partially unable to do so due to circumstances beyond its control. The LUMC reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses and congresses in the event of insufficient participation or circumstances beyond its control either before or during the course or training. Participation fee that have been paid would then be reimbursed.

All courses and conferences are free of VAT.

The LUMC will undertake all care with regard to all information used during the education, course, or congress carried out by Boerhaave CME based on the “Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens” and other relevant legislation.

Participants should register online and pay their participation fee through our website: w.boerhaavenascholing.nl.
Registration fees will have to be credited to our bank account before the start of the course. If we did not receive your payment at that time, we kindly request you to prepare a copy of your bank transfer and hand it in at the desk on site or pay by credit card.

Cancellation fee
Only written cancelations will be handled. In case of cancellation up until ten working days before the start, an administrative fee of 45 Euros will be charged. In case of cancellation within ten working days before the start, the complete costs will be charged. In case of mid-course termination in participation during long-term courses, there will be no reimbursement of the participation fee. In case of payment in terms, all of the terms need to be paid. To free courses additional conditions apply. These conditions are listed on the course page. If the LUMC has come to an agreement with a client about a course or congress with regard to Boerhaave CME and the LUMC has committed to a third party, the client or participant will be charged any irreclaimable costs in case of cancellation by the client or participant.

In case of absence of a participant, a substitute can take his/her place. Absence and/or replacement of a participant needs to be reported to the section in-service and additional training of the LUMC immediately. Replacement is not allowed after the course or congress has started.

No show
In case you do not attend the course or congress or do not cancel your participation in time, the complete participation fee will be charged.
Only written cancelations will be handled.

Restrictions of liability
The LUMC, its co-organiser(s) and the teachers involved in courses, trainings or congresses are not accountable for damage that is related to either participation in a course, training or congress or cancelation of a course, training of congress by the LUMC.

Possible liability of the LUMC, its co-organiser(s) and the teachers involved in courses, trainings or congresses is at all times constricted to the directly endured damage by the participant, in which case the amount of indemnification is in all cases constricted to the amount of the invoice.

The LUMC reserves the right to change its fees, on the understanding that after confirmation of a course or congress with regard to Boerhaave CME, the fee stated at the moment of confirmation will be applied, unless both parties have agreed otherwise.

Reduced rates
For some Boerhaave CME activities, reduced rates apply to physicians who are in training to become specialists (AIOS). To apply for the reduced rate, an AIOS should carry out the following steps:

  1. mail a token that proves you are in training, which states the final date of the training and is signed by your trainer to boerhaavenascholing@lumc.nl or:
  2. send the token to

Boerhaave CME
Postbus 9600
2300 RC Leiden
As soon as we have received this token, we will change the status of your account to “in training”.