The Dutch general practitioner offers accessible generalist medical care. The GP is an important link between his patients, the family, the neighbourhood and health authorities. He is the only one to have access to the list of all the medical records of his patients. He is not only a doctor, but also a consultant/legal counsel and guide, especially for the growing group of frail elderly, children and patients with chronic conditions.

The general practitioner has broad knowledge of medical content: from geriatrics to small children's ailments, from suspicious skin spots to PDS, from recognizing a depression to reading an ECG. Because medical science does not stand still, the GP will have to continuously follow the developments in the various medical disciplines, such as Pharmacotherapy, diagnostic strategies, internal medicine, medical ethics, otolaryngology, MDL, law, orthopaedics and revalidation.

For more than 50 years the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), under the flag of Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education, has annually organized ten accredited plenary and interactive courses for general practitioners. Boerhaave CME organises a large number of small- and large-scale courses that include the latest developments in all medical disciplines. We receive on average annually over 2400 general practitioners and geriatrics, who want to maintain their knowledge or train their skills with Boerhaave courses. Our motto is "What is learned today, will be applied in your practice tomorrow". We ask our speakers to translate their scientific knowledge into practical tools for general practices and nursing homes. Participants in our courses and teachers gave 2016 a four on a five-point scale.

Boerhaave closes each year with the well-known Progress and Practice. In this two-day course many current medical topics are discussed and, parallel to the plenary program, workshops take place.

GP-courses and specialist courses for elderly medicine are organized by Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education in close collaboration with Public Health Primary Care Department of the LUMC, such as the NHG-executive training Elderly Care or Policy and Management. Or the Population Health Management courses, offered at the LUMC campus the Hague. The Steering Committee of Primary Care ensures the quality of content and the practical applicability of our GP- and geriatric-courses

Boerhaave CME has a Limited Institutional Accreditation (BIA) by ABC1. The basic training ultrasound, which is organised by the Department of Radiology of the LUMC, is CHBB recognized.