You are working as a medical professional and you are looking for an accredited training of high quality. You are interested in the most recent scientific developments. You gladly meet colleagues with the same need for training. You consider following courses as a perfect opportunity to expand your network. Enough reasons to choose following a course at Boerhaave Nascholing.

In a few courses of Boerhaave Nascholing, cases are a central topic. The knowledge that treating physicians have gathered around those cases, is shared during the course. There is plenty of opportunity for you to think about adequate solutions. Often the medical professionals will share their experience with the participants.

Courses you follow at Boerhaave Nascholing are of good quality. Those that have went before you appreciate the courses as a whole with a 4.0 or higher on a five point-scale. The lecturers are rated nothing less. They are the ones that link the most recent scientific developments with cases from your daily practice. This often has led to an appreciation with at least 4.5 points on a five point-scale. Boerhaave Nascholing is proud of their lecturers and speakers.

If you are working as a medical assistant, physician assistant or nurse practitioner, we also welcome you at Boerhaave Nascholing. A great part of the offer created for general practitioners and geriatricians is also fit for your profession. We will take care of the accreditation.

For PhD’s and AIOS, Boerhaave Nascholing has an offer of courses too. All courses of Boerhaave Nascholing fit the quality demands of the Boerhaave Committee. The motto of Boerhaave Nascholing is ‘learned today, put in practice tomorrow’.