You are working as a PhD-student. To achieve the title of Doctor of Philosophy, you are currently doing research. To receive the degree, you are engaged in conducting research and preparing a thesis for four years. At the LUMC, you conduct your research based on one of the research profiles.

Achieving the doctorate is a task that comes with many responsibilities. As a PhD-student you ought to make certain competencies your own on a fast rate. Biostatistics, time management and communication are some examples of these competencies. Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education is here to help you with these. We offer various courses to prepare you optimally and guide you in the PhD-track.

For PhD-students, Boerhaave CME organizes a broad offer of compulsory courses for the Graduate School. There are two types of activities:

  • Multidisciplinary education in skills not directly related to content, such as statistics, law and legislation for PhD students of the LUMC;
  • Specialty-related education; these are training days we mostly organize at the request of a graduate school or research school around a relevant theme such as genetics.

Additional to these activities for the Graduate School, as a PhD-student we would like to welcome you at a few of our courses for other medical professionals.