You are working as a radiation expert. You are able to apply your knowledge about X-ray machines and radioactive substances in various ways, in a medical setting. It is important to work safely with radioactive substances. To keep up with safety regulations and developments, it may be helpful to follow a course regularly. Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education would like to help you with this.

Annually, Boerhaave CME organizes around 15 radiation protection courses at various levels. The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has half a century of experience in the area of radiation protection education. Radiation protection is of importance. Radiotherapists, radiologists and other medical specialists but also researchers deal with radiation on a daily basis. The examination or treatment of patients with ionizing radiation (X-rays) is a so-called reserved procedure (Dutch BIG law). For this, among others formal radiation competency is required according to the Resolution Radiation Protection Nuclear Energy Law (the Dutch Besluit Stralingsbescherming Kernenergiewet).

Steering Committee Radiation
The Steering Committee Radiation is developing a medium and long-term planning for a structured, attractive and high quality set of courses. These courses are organised for doctors, medical-scientific researchers and other medical employees. The extensions take place regionally as well as nationally and internationally. Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education also offers courses and further training for supervisors (Nuclear Energy Act) of applications of ionizing radiation.