Would you like to follow a course with Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education? You  can find HERE our entire offer.

Would you like to follow a training for which you will not only receive accreditation but also a diploma or certificate? You can find our programmes under ‘Continuing Education’.

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Are you looking for a retraining to a different profession? Take a look at our educational offer, where you will find our master programmes.

Would you like to know more about the types of training Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education has to offer? Continue on reading. Boerhaave CME has an all-round offer for a diverse (bio)medical audience. We organize courses for general physicians, geriatricians, medical specialist, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical auxiliary professions and there is an extensive package of radiation education trainings.

The lenght of the courses varies from one day up to more than a year. All our courses are accredited and the most recent scientific developments are discussed in the training. All of our courses are developed by a course committee and the quality is assured by the Boerhaave Committee, the Steering Committee Primary Care and Steering Committee Radiation.

Apart from the courses that last one day, Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education offers trainings lasting two days, a few days, a few weeks, a few months or longer than one year. The programmes are always created in cooperation with medical specialist, researchers, general physicians, geriatricians and the other target audience. Boerhaave CME operates because of and in function of the everyday practice.