The speciality training of Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education offer a fully acknowledged educational program for trainers. This concerns general practitioners and geriatricians. The Netherlands are, with their network of speciality GP’s and speciality geriatricians, unique. You will be schooled to become a trainer for future doctors. With that, you also enlarge your own knowledge of your profession.

Are you ready for an update of your competencies in radiation protection? Then Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education is the right place for you. Boerhaave CME offers an extensive program for various target groups on different levels in radiation protection education. For all these educational programmes, Boerhaave CME is a national licensed educator.

Our continuing education offers you a chance to expand your competencies as a medical professional. You can choose one of the many educational programmes Boerhaave CME has to offer. National licensed institutions have approved of your programmes. Many medical occupational groups assure, nationally and internationally, the quality of continuing education. Together, they create guidelines and sometimes the level of trainers within the group is established. Apart from this, there have been created national agreements on radiation protection.

In the programmes Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education has to offer, the competences that we teach you are fit to the regarding occupational groups or ministries. This means that you can not only receive accreditation points for following the program, but often a diploma or certificate as well.

Together with the division Public Health and Primary Care, the continuing education is created. The education on radiation protection is developed in cooperation with the Radiology department of the Leiden University Medical Centre.