Would you like to participate in one of our specials? Click HERE.

Our specials exist of: summer schools, massive open online courses (MOOCs) and the TECHtalks. In our summer schools, we offer an extensive opportunity to general practitioners and geriatricians to practice their skills. On the internet is where the MOOCs happen. You can enrol through Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education and in this way, earn accreditation with finishing the MOOC. The TECHtalks are free meetings supported by Boerhaave CME, where the newest developments in biomedical sciences play a central role.

Are you a general practitioner or geriatrician and do you feel the need to take a closer look at you own skills? Would you like to be professionally guided by medical specialists? In that case, the summer school is most suitable for you. Participants that went before you rate just these elements of the summer school as very positive. At Boerhaave CME we organise that for you.

The Leiden University Medical Centre has developed a few massive online open courses (MOOCs) that you can follow online. This is done at the Coursera platform. If you would like to receive accreditation points for this MOOC, please register at Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education.

Are you interested in the developments in the (bio)medical science? You can read all about it, but it might just be challenging to follow sessions live in which researchers report the current situation of research in their field. That is why Boerhaave CME offers TECHtalks. These give you the opportunity to keep up to date in your profession quickly, concisely and free.